Who We Are?

Founder: Michael Wrightson

Michael is an entrepreneur and self-development coach.

He has overcome social anxiety, self-doubt, and low self-esteem.  He is a 2x participant in “conquer-confidence” and has worked with many self-development coaches and mentors. 

He created a local meetup group called “Art of Alpha” several years ago that was designed to help men to become more confident.  The meetup was a big success. 

He then started another business that has also become very successful. 

Now he is getting back to teaching self-development and self-confidence after being away from the topic for a couple years.

He has a degree in psychology and has been very passionate about personal development for over 10 years. 

The “Art of Alpha” is going to be a resource for you to discover how to become more confident inside and out. 

Lets get you out of your head and stop the self-doubt.  Let’s get you to start feeling like the confident man that you know you can become.

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Art of Alpha

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