Bumble App VS Day Game

This is one of the issues with online dating – you never know who is going to show up.
I had matched with this cute blond women and we were getting along really well through text, so I thought, “ok, this should be a good date.”
In person she was totally different. She didn’t really look like her pics and I wasn’t interested from the start.
So, which is a better way to meet more women and get more dates?  online or in real life?
To fully optimize your time and get the best results – you should be doing both.  I would definitely recommend that you do not rely on dating apps only.
Real growth as a man comes from facing fear and talking to girls face-to-face in grocery stores, on the street, etc.
With online dating you never really know how that date will go, and you can take a few hours or even your entire Friday night meeting a girl for a date and finding out that you’re not that interested.
When you talk to a girl during the day on the street or at a store, its like you’re already on a “mini” date and you can get a feel for the chemistry.
The best dates that I have ever been on have all been from “day-game” i.e. meeting a girl during your day-to-day life.
Last week I had about 46 bumble matches and of those matches maybe 1 or 2 interested me enough to want to take time to go on a date.  However, in real life when I “approach” a girl almost always I will want to go on a date with her.   I can tell right away that physically she is my type and then I have to see how her personality is.
For me – meeting women during the day or day-to-day life is my favorite.  There are pros and cons to both ways.
Bumble is going to be a lot easier and less anxiety provoking. But you are trading ease of use for time and possibly quality.
It takes less time to swipe right on girls that you find attractive on apps but then you have to take time on a date to see if you “click” in person.   I have had a lot of dates where after I thought, “my god, why did I decide to go on a date with her.”  (and maybe she had the same feeling as well).
In person, I already know right away and she knows as well if she is interested.
I recently went on a date with a girl that I met at a coffee shop and it was amazing.  I know right away once I started talking to her that I wanted to go out on a date.
I didn’t need to see how she was in person or how our chemistry was – I knew right away.
Also, when you meet a girl during the day it creates a different dynamic in the interaction. Its almost like she respects you more because you were brave enough to talk to her when almost every other guy just stares and never makes a move.
So if you have ever considered talking to a girl during the day or have ever seen a girl and thought, “wow shes attractive I wish that I could talk to her”  then you definitely should.
Now I know from experience that it can feel awkward sometimes and you may get nervous but that is OK.  We can help you to discover what is making you scared/nervous and we will give you tools to overcome these feelings –  you can message me here for coaching Artofalphadating@gmail.com
So is bumble a waste of time? not at all.
You should still be on dating apps to increase your chance of finding dates or getting a girlfriend.  Dating apps still work but I would highly recommend to include some real life approaches into you arsenal.
You will be amazed at what is possible when you start talking to girls during the day and when you start facing your fears.  Your confidence in all areas of life will go up 10 fold.
Also, there are certain things that you can do that will increase your bumble results.  One of these things is to get better high quality pictures.
But BEWARE:  high quality photos DOES NOT MEAN that the photos themselves are HIGH QUALITY.  These is a huge difference between high quality photos and ATTRACTIVE photos.  So you want to make sure that your photos are attractive and that they look masculine.
There are ways to make your photos more attractive: one is that you want the pictures to look candid.   Candid photos look a lot better that planned or posed photos.
My bumble started guide goes into more details you can find that here:  Bumble Starter Guide 
If you have questions about improving your bumble profile or about approaching women during the day then feel free to message me
or Dm on instagram  @artofalphacoaching
Talk soon, 
Coach Mike 

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