“She looks cute, I wish I could talk to her”

“Why can’t you?”

“Well, i’m on a bike and she will probably think its weird. ”


We tell ourselves so many stories and have so many limiting beliefs.

I was out with a client the other day and we see this really attractive women walk by us on the sidewalk.   We were riding those rental bikes that you have probably seen in the city.

So of course my client thought, “I can’t talk to her. Shes going to think its weird.”

But how do we know that shes not walking by thinking, “i’d like to meet someone. I haven’t been on a good date in awhile.”

The truth is that we have NO idea what she is thinking.

We always assume that she has a boyfriend, she won’t be interested, shes busy, shes walking to fast, etc, etc.

So, what did I do in this situation?

I had to challenge these beliefs. I had to go over and meet her.

I then proceeded to ride over on my odd looking blue bike.  I pulled up along side of her as she was walking and I said, “Hi, this might be random but I was biking the other way and I saw you walking by, so I had to come meet you for a second.”

And guess what, she loved it!  It ended up being an amazing interaction.  She had said that she recently broke up with her bf and that she was headed to work.

Not once did I feel strange about it or that it was awkward.  I just challenged our limiting beliefs and I went for it.  I then ended up getting her number and proved to my client that anything is possible.

Most of us walk around and assume a narrative about other people and about ourselves that is not true.

We must challenge these beliefs and find out the truth for ourselves.

If there is a girl that you want to meet then don’t worry about what other people will think or that it might feel strange.

If I can ride up to a girl on a rental blue bike and get her number, then you can definitely meet a girl while walking up to her in real life.


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Talk soon,

Coach Mike


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