How To Get Noticed By Women

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Whatever you do – do not stand next to the dance floor at the club trying to look cool.

This WILL get you noticed – but not in a good way.

Men have been trying to get women to notice them since the beginning of time. They’ve tried things like driving fancy sports cars, lifting heavy weights at the gym, ‘showing off’ by doing some type of spectacular trick.

The list goes on and on.

But what really works for getting women to notice YOU?

First, let’s talk about physical attributes.

I was actually out last night at a casino where there were a ton of people (men and women).

And what I noticed was that I was ALWAYS checking out the women that were just a little bit better dressed than every other girl. Most of the girls had on just normal everyday clothes, nothing too stylish or nothing that stood out.

But then this group of five really attractive women walked by and they were ALL dressed super stylish – I definitely noticed them. Their clothes fit better, they had an interesting and unique look that screamed – “they value themselves and take care of themselves.” They had status.

And the secret is that YOU too can also appear to have status and dress just a notch above everyone else with little effort.

During this same night I had girls noticing me as well. I was wearing tight fitting black jeans, brown shoes, a white tee, light denim jacket and a nice Vincero watch.

Most every other guy that was there was wearing over-sized blue jeans, loose fitting tee shirts that had absolutely NO style.

The same way that I noticed the group of girls that dressed better and that had better grooming – is the same way that girls will notice you more when you too are better groomed and more stylish.


Just dressing better is NOT the complete solution to getting women.

Yes, then will notice you and think that you are more attractive when you’re well groomed and stylish but what will really attract them to you is MASCULINE TRAITS – THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THIS.

But before I get more into this concept lets talk a bit more about how to get girls to notice you physically…

So, dressing better and being well groomed will get you noticed.

A couple keys points about this:

Try to dress one level above everyone else. For example: when I was at the casino last night – most people were dressed very casual but every so often I would see a guy in a suit – sometimes this can scream “try hard.” It’s almost like they’re trying too hard to get attention and it can almost backfire on them. Not always but it’s something to consider.

Generally, try to dress just a level above. So if it is a casual environment or a casual club scene then dress just a little bit more stylish – which will get you noticed and not look like you’re trying so hard to get noticed – make sense?

A couple of ways that I get noticed is usually from my shoes or watch. If I wear nice shoes I get compliments and If I wear a nice watch I get compliments. A few basic things to start with are to wear nice shoes, wear a nice watch, and wear tighter fitting clothes (I will have more posts in the future about exactly how to improve your look and style but those are just a couple simple tips)

Once you are dressing better and grooming yourself better (hair, hygiene, hitting the gym, etc)

Girls will start noticing you more and becoming more attracted to you.


Getting noticed is meaningless if you DO NOT TAKE ACTION!

If a girl notices you and is attracted to you – it is still your job to start the interaction. Basically, you need to go talk to her.

And, once you talk to her it does not matter how attractive you are physically, it does not matter how well dressed you are – if you do not act masculine then she will lose attraction!

If you do not progress the interaction, if you do not lead the interaction, and if you are too needy, this will all ruin your chances.

Dressing better and taking care of your physical appearance will get more women to ‘check you out’ but it all comes down to who YOU are on the INSIDE.

How do you feel about yourself? How is your self-esteem? Do you wait for her to give you an obvious signal to make a move or do you take a chance and not fear rejection?

You can work on your appearance all day long (and a lot of guys do) because they think that being ‘ripped’ or that being in amazing shape will get them girls and healthy relationships but this is wrong. The most important thing that you can do it to raise your masculine energy.

When you are confident, secure with yourself, taking action towards what you want without fear – this is what GETS YOU NOTICED.

Getting women to notice you is a combination of interior and exterior elements.

Think of it like a good book – the book cover may get you interested at first but the content of the book must also be really good to KEEP your interest.

Don’t worry though – if you’re struggling with getting women to notice you or if you’re acting too needy or desperate – we will reveal to you some of this biggest mistakes that you’re making.

At Art of Alpha we will also help you to discover how to have that rock-solid masculine behavior that attracts women and your ideal lifestyle.

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