Discover How "Average Guys" Are Using Tinder To Unlock The Arousal Center Of Her Brain, Creating "Glue Like" Chemistry in Less Than 10 Texts

You're About To Learn How One Man, A Smartphone, And Four Words Created A Volcano Size Eruption Of Chemistry In A Girl 100 Miles Away

Discover Exactly What Messages To Send...

I'll show you how to use the new Tinder dating app to transform your smartphone into a heat seeking seduction missile.

You'll be able to get women 'locked on' to you in a way that will make all of your friends jealous.

But beware, these text messages can be so powerful that she will want to text you at all hours of the night, and even beg to 'see' you on Skype from 100 miles away (See this actual 'case-study' with Skype pictures inside)

As Weird as this sounds, I will show you how to use just four words to plant "erotic" thoughts of you in her mind.  She will be fantasizing about you, craving you, eagerly anticipating your next text...

Most importantly, these messages will lead to dates and relationships.

Use These Messages To...

    • Pump Her Full Of Intrigue And Get Her To Respond Back
    • Stand Out From Every Other Guy Desperately Seeking Her Attention
    • Get Out Of "Interview" Mode And Send Her Messages That Gets Her Excited To See You
    • Get Sexual In A Way That She Appreciates, Without Creeping Her Out
    • Have Her Chasing You, Working To Win You Over

    I'm A little Scared Actually...

    This will be the first time that real text messages from Tinder and actual conversations will be show with actual snap shots.  The gurus aren't even doing anything close to this.  There are over 50 actual messages just like this one...

    formula 11

    But The Real Truth Is..

    I am actually more scared that I included pictures from an actual Skype call with a girl from over 100 miles away. You can see step-by-step the actual texts that were sent on Tinder from start to finish, nothing is left out.  She was an hour and a half drive away, sexual energy was built up so much through text messages that she had no choice but to unleash it.  I left the pictures in there because  I wanted you to see EXACTLY what is possible when you send the "right" messages.

    Nothing is held back.  And you can replicate it again over and over.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat.



    It's Not All Good News...

    You see, I can reveal to you the four power words that ignite attraction (Hint: If you look closely at the tinder messages above, you will see one) And I can lay out everything that you should be doing BUT...

    The longer that you send texts like this...

    • "What's Up?"
    • "How Are You?"
    • "hey"
    • "I Don't Know, What Do You Want To Do?"

    The harder it will be to get her back.

    Messages like this do nothing to engage her on an emotional level.  Most guys make the mistake of talking to her exactly the way that they talk to their friends.  When you are working to build chemistry and attraction you can't send boring, logical sounding texts.  This will only make her less attracted.

    In Fact...

    Your Window Of Opportunity Is Closing...


    From the moment that there is a connection and you send the first text, the countdown timer begins.  Realistically if you don't have her out on a date or meetup within 7 days or less, it will be extremely difficult to get her back.

    Women want to feel that "spark" and chemistry.  The more time that goes by, the less likely that she will start to forget about you and assume that there is no chemistry.  This is why I say that you shouldn't message a girl until mid-week, this way she will be pumped up with your positive vibe and ready to go out by the weekend.

    If you're not sending her the "right" text, the window closes for good and some other guy comes along and steals her away.

    I don't mean to be graphic, but this is the reality.

    You must prevent her from slipping away before it's to late...


    The Proven System That Makes Texting Girls On Tinder Easy

    Tinder Texting Secrets

    This is a step-by-step system with over 50 real text messages that will show you how to craft submarine style messages that sneak under the radar and land deep in the arousal center of her mind.

    Making YOU stand out from all the other dudes that are just plain annoying her to death.

    She will be thankful that you aren't like every other guy sending her the boring "hey what's up" text over and over and then wondering why she won't text back.

    When you instantly download your copy of "Tinder Texting Secrets" You will Discover...

    • How To Craft A First Message That Instantly Stops A Girl Cold And Gets Her To Respond
    • How To Use A Secret "Point System" That Gets Her Working To Win You Over
    • Four Simple Words That Allow You To Easily Move The Conversation In A Sexual Direction Without Feeling "Weird" About it
    • The Insider Secrets To Creating A "Sexy" Profile That Makes Her Feel Like She Knows You
    • Why You Should Never Send A First Message On Monday Or Tuesday (If You Want To Get Her On A Date)

    And That's Just The Beginning...As You Get To The More Advanced Stuff You'll See...

    • How To Use The "Step Back" Move Like "Text Jiu-Jitsu" To Destroy Flakiness Or Bad Behavior
    • What To Do If She Does Go Cold And Stops Responding
    • How To Use The 12 "Players Glue" Lines To Get Her Stuck To You With Unbreakable Chemistry
    • The Right Way To Be "Funny" Over Texts
    • Should You Or Should You Not Be Using Emoticons 😉
    • How To Gain An "Unfair Advantage" Over Other Guys
    • And Much, Much, More

    How Much Is It Worth To You To Gain An "Unfair Advantage" Over Other Guys, Allowing You To Attract The Women That You Desire?

    The sad truth is, that most guys are on Tinder just swiping to the right hoping that somehow, by luck she will message back.   Unfortunately, she never does.

    These guys will never truly understand all of the opportunities that they let pass by.  Whether its dating a lot of women or finding a serious relationship.

    By now you know that bars and clubs get Really busy, And a lot of the times you never meet anyone, you just walk around all night bumping into other dudes only to go home disappointed and half deaf from the music.

    But I know if you're reading this then you are a man that takes action...


    For A Limited Time, I am Offering This Entire Course For Just $47

    As you know by now…$47 is super cheap for everything that you’re getting.

    Most “Guru’s” are charging well over $97 and they aren’t including REAL text messages and REAL Skype pictures as proof.

    I’ve priced this low because I really know the benefits of living a happy lifestyle (and you can’t be happy without a fulfilling love life).

    There are no excuses to taking advantage of this offer right now…

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    I've Also Thrown In Some Sweet Bonuses...

    Epic Bonus #1:  "The Crush Formula"

    No Guru has EVER released anything close to this.  It is a start-to-finish seduction road map.  You will have an insiders view at a "case study" texting scenario.  Now you will have an actual road map for success at your fingertips.

    In The Crush Formula you will discover....

    • A done-for-you proven seduction road map that gets a girl addicted to you
    • A "secret spy" view at the way flirting is done through text (compare what you're doing to this)
    • 3 ways to get sexual without scaring her off

    The value of this program is $79 but you get it free when you order Tinder Texting Secrets today.

    Epic Bonus #2:  "Midnight Kiss"

    This is my proven 8 step system for getting girls at clubs.   This system allows you to easily spot the girls that are most willing to get sexual. Use my secret system and make all of your friends jealous.  You will seem to effortlessly get girls while everyone else just watches from the sidelines.

    In Midnight Kiss You'll Discover...

    • How to easily spot the girls that will actually want to go home with you
    • A secret psychology trick that makes her 10x more comfortable with her sexuality
    • How to escalate sexually without scaring her off

    Caution, if you use this on girls that you're not attracted to, they will become "clingers."

    Epic Bonus #3:  The Texting Mastermind Kit

    With this 14 day free trial of our Texting Mastermind Kit you'll get:

    • Advanced Strategies and Techniques (You're going to get the most advanced stuff that we're currently using)
    • In-Depth Analysis Of Real Life Texts...Watch Us Transform These Boring Texts Into Winner (We may even choose one of your messages to review)
    • The #1 thing that you're doing wrong with texting and how to correct it for good

    This bonus is completely optional (although most people choose it).  If you stay connected then you will continue to receive monthly lessons for the next five months at just $39.97 a month.

    get instant access

    I am SO confident that this program will work and that you will get real value from viewing the over 50 real tinder text messages that I am taking out all the risk for you...

    My guarantee is simple.

    Try out the program for free for 60 days.  If you don't feel like your texting skills have improved, or that you haven't received any value, then you can get a complete, fast, no-hassle refund.

    You will have seen everything for free, including the Skype pictures and the over 50 real text messages.

    That's how confident I am that it really works.

    If girl are not responding more enthusiastically to your texts and you've still not figured out tinder, then e-mail us within 60 days for a free, no-hassle refund.   I can't get any more fair that this.

    Yes, Give Me Everything Below

    Tinder Texting Secrets Training Guide (included)

    Contains dozens of real life example texts with snap shots

    'The Crush Formula' (included)

    How to have a girl obsessed with you in less than 24 hours

    Texting Mastermind Kit (included)

    6 months of advanced training techniques (This bonus is optional)

    'Midnight Kiss' (included)

    8 Step night club seduction system

    All programs are Digital and available Instantly only $47

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    You Are The Type Of Man That Takes Action

    Of course you are...

    You wound't be reading this if you weren't.  You are not the type to sit around and continue to wonder why girls are not messaging you back.

    You're not the type to hang out in the corner of some "sausage fest" bar wondering if there is a better way to meet women.

    You understand the value that tinder provides and with a little training you will realize your full potential with texting on Tinder.  And also how these skills can carry over to texting women anywhere (even online dating).

    And with the full, no questions asked guarantee - It's a no-brainer deal.

    To your success!

    Michael W. Wynn

    For A Limited Time, I am Offering This Entire Course For Just $47

    As you know by now…$47 is super cheap for everything that you’re getting.

    Most “Guru’s” are charging well over $97 and they aren’t including REAL text messages and REAL Skype pictures as proof.

    I’ve priced this low because I really know the benefits of living a happy lifestyle (and you can’t be happy without a fulfilling love life).

    There are no excuses to taking advantage of this offer right now…

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