Want to Quit Your 9-5 Job? Follow These Steps

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“I was living pay check to pay check. I could never get ahead and I felt like I was going nowhere.”  Mike W


All I was doing was trading 50 hours of my life each week at a meaningless job that I didn’t like. I traded many hours of my life in exchange for a few hundred dollars at the end of the week, and two days off.


To me it all started to feel very meaningless. And the worst thing is – after working all those hours – I still felt broke. I felt like I needed a change.


So the first thing that I did was I started taking “side jobs” in order to build up my savings.


There is a saying that I heard once that goes, “whatever you are doing right now for someone else, you can do for yourself.”


This is so true, but many of us never even think of it.


If you have a skill that your boss is willing to pay you for – then you can guarantee that someone else will be willing to pay you as well. All that you’re going to do is cut out the middle man. You can freelance and customers can go directly to you.


For example: if you’re a web designer making lets say, $20/hour and someone hires the company that you work for to build a site at $3,000. The site might take you three hours to build but you’re still making $20/hour.


But, if someone came to you on the side and said will you make me a site for $2,500? Now if you made the site and it took you three hours, you would be making about $800/hour!


This is one of the strategy’s that I used before leaving my 9-5 and going into business for myself.


An easy, risk free way to start is by posting free ads on craigslist. Once you have an ad up that offers your service – wait to see if anyone contacts you. A few freelance “side jobs” can really help to increase your saving account for the day when/if you do decide to leave your 9-5 job completely.


Step #1: Start accepting “side jobs” to grow your saving and/or grow a side business that can become full time


Another way to increase your income before leaving your 9-5 job is by using meetup.com


If you feel like you might get in trouble with your current employer by doing “side work” then use this option.


The first business venture that I ever took was with meetup.com. I’ve made $1,000 in as little as eight hours by using meetup.


Bonus: free training Video – how to make $1,000 on the side w/ meetup (Below)


Meetup is a great way to earn extra income. It is also a really great way to see if you actually do want to start a business and/or leave your 9-5 job.

I have met several people that make a full time living using meetup.com.  And many more that use meetup to make a little extra money on the side. 

money 1

The first meetup that I ever started was about dating and relationships. I modeled my meetup group after another dating advice group where the founder of the meetup was making thousands of dollars per event. He was regularly having 50+ people attend events at $20/person.


This means that in about two hours the meetup event would make $1,000 at least (not including up sells which I’ll talk about in the free training).


Think about it: you could be making more in two hours doing something that you love than in an entire week at a boring job.


When I first started using meetup I had close to 400 members after about six months. I would have small meetups about twice a month. I would find a free room to rent or hold a meetup at my apartment. I would hold free events as well as payed events.


The payed events would range from $10/person to $30/person (my “up sell” events would usually be about $100/person).


At most events I would have at least 10 people show up. So even at small events I would be making an extra $100 for two hours of time – not bad at all. And it is very, very simple to set up.

meetup 2For events I would pick a dating/relationship topic and either present some information or have some activities/drills to practice. A lot of times I would combine the two. I would start off by giving a short presentation on a topic like online dating. I would give some examples of how to create a good profile or how to send a good first message.


After I was done with the presentation we would break up into small groups. I would have some group drills to practice. It could be anything from how to sound more interesting on a date or how to be a better storyteller.
The groups would then practice storytelling or whatever skill we were covering.


The meetups would go for about an hour and a half (leaving time at the end for questions and answers).


With my martial arts meetup – I would hold a free beginner class first and then charge $5-$10 for the next “intermediate” class.


There are many ways to set it up you just have to find a way that works well for you and your group. Just remember that it can take time to grow a meetup. Anything that is rewarding – takes time.


I would often leave meetup events and think to myself, “wow, I just made some extra money doing something that I was genuinely interested in. I helped someone and benefited myself. This is awesome.”


In the free training I’ll talk about how to find a good idea and some other important factors that will make people want to join your group.


I see a lot of meetup groups fail because they are not doing a few simple things that will make their meetup group stand out and attract more members.


One of the things that helped me early on was to “model” successful meetup groups. When I saw groups with thousands of members, making thousands of dollars, I would look to see what they were doing differently than I was.


I would take some of the ideas that I found in other groups and implement them into my own. It is very simple to do and will help your side business on meetup.com to take off quickly.


Step #2: Start a meetup.com group to make extra income and potentially lead you to a new career path


– Another thing that you can do that will help you quit your 9-5 job, is to acquire skills that someone will pay you for.


For example: a couple of years ago I had NO clue how to make websites (I didn’t even know what wordpress was). But I taught myself by watching youtube video tutorials (youtube.com is an amazing resource. You can pretty much find answers to almost anything).


I started searching, “how to make a website.” I found some great tutorials, and about two hours later I had my first blog live online. It took a while to grow but I had fun in the process. Once I had a site up, I started affiliate marketing (selling other people products).


I had success with affiliate marketing so I was now able to teach other people how to do the same thing.


I learned how to do something and now I could create a business by teaching people the same skills that I learned.


Is there a need that you recognize? Do people always seem to be asking the same questions or looking for answers to similar problems?


Learn the skills that will solve this problem. And then offer your services.


So ask yourself – what are you curious about? What do you want to learn about? Is there something that you can learn on your days off, or during your free time? Could you potentially turn that into a business, and leave your 9-5 job?


Once you have a new skill or even just a passion to learn – you can start blogging about it. Or you can also make youtube videos. Start off by simply promoting someone elses products.


For example: If you are into health and fitness – start making youtube videos giving people tips and/or simply sharing your experiences. Then create an affiliate link to a fitness product that you have tried and recommend.


You can find all types of fitness products to promote by going to clickbank.com. Every time that someone watches your youtube video or reads you blog, they will be prompted to check out the product that you are promoting. If they like the product and purchase it – you will get a commission.


This is a great way to start a side business that can potentially turn into something bigger. Once you are getting a lot of traffic to your blog or to your videos – you can then start to create your own products.


Start off by writing at least one blog post or creating one video each week about a topic that you are interested in.
It does take time to build traffic and an audience so be sure to have patience and do this consistently.


Step #3: Start a blog or youtube channel based on one of your interests. Monetize with affiliate marketing.


These are the exact three strategies that I used to quit my 9-5 job and go into business for myself.


I now run an offline service business as well as an online business.


You can also do the same thing.


Starting a business was one of the best things that I ever did for myself. I feel more fulfilled and inspired everyday.


Work doesn’t seem like work anymore. I have more free time as well as more financial security. I can do what I enjoy doing while helping other people to do the same.



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