Where to Meet Women After College

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-For a lot of guys, graduation means that their interactions with women will drop by at least 50%.  And if you go to work in a field that traditionally doesn’t have many women, it will be slim pickings’ at work too.

So where do you meet women now?

The good news is that there are still lots of single women out there, but its just going to be harder to meet them. College provides a nice social environment and social circle where you can met friends of friends, but for most people that social circle dries up fairly quickly once everyone leaves school, goes off to work in different fields or moves to different areas.

I still think that the best way to meet women is through social circles e.g. clubs, martial arts, sports leagues, etc.  You may be thinking: women don’t do martial arts. How would I meet a girl doing that?

You’re right; there aren’t many women that do martial arts or other activities that you might like but it’s OK.  As long as you are involved in social activities you will make friends with people that will invite you to go out and meet other people.  You may become friends with a guy that has a cute sister or he may know other girls that you can meet.  You see, there doesnt have to be girls directly in the circle as long as there is a path that leads to you meeting more people and in turn more women.

Here are the other options to meet women:

Cold approach


At work


They all have their pros and cons but I will break each one down.

We have already covered the best, most effective way to meet women; social circle.  Again this means anywhere that you can be involved in a social activity.  Some of my favorites are: meetup groups, dance lessons, dodge-ball/sports leagues, and fitness groups.  It is a good idea to figure out what type of women that you like.  This will narrow your search of groups or activities to be a part of.  I like girls that can dance, so I go to dances and dance lessons.

Cold approach:  this is anytime that you see a girl that you are interested in and approach her.  It could be on the street, at the mall, at the gym, at the store, etc.  This can sometimes be tough for guys to do but it does offer a  high reward because very few guys actually approach women in this way.  If you do it well, you will have very little competition.  Also, you can meet a lot of very attractive women this way. Start approaching girls by simply saying “Hi. What’s your name?  I saw you standing there and had to meet you.”

Online:  This is the complete opposite of cold approach.  It is low risk, low reward.  Anyone can go online and message women that they would be terrified to approach in person; and they do.  I have female friends that literally get 100+ messages a day.  You would have to say something really special, or have a great photo to stand out in the crowd and get noticed.  Now don’t get me wrong; you can get dates online but there just aren’t that many attractive women on dating sites. The paying sites like match.com are better than the free ones but still, there aren’t many attractive women.  The other problem is, women online become jaded quickly by having to deal with all the guys that don’t know how to attract women and think that saying “sup shorty” will seduce her.

At work:  This is relatively easy but is high risk/low reward.  Although it can be easy to meet women at work; If you date a girl and then eventually break up, you will have never ending drama at work.  If you have a job where you don’t work closely with each other, then it might be a better option.  You don’t want to create extra stress in the workplace so date with caution.

Bars/Clubs:  Like cold approach, bars and clubs can be considered high risk/high reward (high risk meaning that you have to be ready to deal with possible rejection or she might have a boyfriend etc.) Bars dont always provide the highest quality of women but they still can be really fun and you may find a datable girl amongst the wild ones.

I have  had good success with all of these ways to meet women after college but have met the most attractive girls doing cold approach outside of bars.  Many girls wont take guys that they meet in bars seriously, it seems like more of a fantacy to them than real life.  Therfore if you meet her in the street or on the way to the club she will have more faith in the interaction.

My favorite way is social circle i.e. meeting girls at dances, or through friends or friends. This way feels the most “normal” and least anxiety provoking.




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    After college for me I had some troubles talking to women. I actually have had a fair amount of luck in college talking to women, but as of late I haven’t been doing so great. Thanks for all of this info as I will take it to heart.

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