What to Say to Get Her Interested

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a lot of guys always ask me “what do I say?”  Aside from approaching women, this seems to be the biggest problem.  Not knowing what to say to get her interested and excited to see you again.

After you approach her and get her attention you then need to spark some emotion.  A lot of guys make the mistake of talking about “things” and not about her personality.  This conversation might sound familiar…

guy:  where are you from?

girl: I’m originally from Texas.

guy: Oh cool I’ve always wanted to go there.

girl: yeah, it’s fun.

guy: Do you like country music?

girl: yeah it’s pretty cool, I like everything.

guy: cool  ( awkward silence)

This conversation will never be fun and flirty because it has nothing to do with who she is. It won’t get her laughing or into a fun emotional state.  Here is an example of a better conversation…

guy: where are you from?

girl: I’m originally from Texas.

guy: oh I totally want to see you country line dance Texas style!

girl: haha, I can’t country line dance.

guy: OK well maybe I’ll just watch you go bull riding instead.  Squeeze my hand, let me feel your bull        riding grip.

girl: haha, I do have a strong grip. I would be the best bull rider ever.  What’s your name? 

Then once she asks “what’s your name?” or shows interest, you know that it’s on.  It is OK to ask questions but don’t get stuck asking to many in a row.  When she answers a question think about what it says about HER or who you might think she is. Make insinuations.

Talk about her, her personality.  Spark emotion and she won’t forget you.

When she starts asking you questions , don’t just give a simple answer. Tell her a story.  Talk about the emotion that you felt.

girl: so, what do you like to do?

guy: I like football, writing, and I like going to the gym too.

This is a typical boring response that gets boring results. Here is a better way…

girl: So, what do you like to do?

guy: you know what I just started doing?  salsa dancing.  I like to overcome my fears and challenge myself.  When I was a kid I was a little shy so now I always try to do things that will get me out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it can be nerve racking having people watch me trying to dance but I embrace it. Do you know what I mean?

Try expanding on your answers and bring emotion into your response.

Talk about her,  her personality.  Spark emotion and she won’t forget you.


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    It’s weird getting in the situation of having such an awkward conversation. I’ve been there though, talking to a beautiful woman and making it become really awkward. So I must thank you for sharing the proper way of talking to a woman. I knew before it was always about the woman, but I never really went all out on that idea.

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