Two Games that Make Dating More Fun

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Sometimes dating can really suck.  Especially when you’re on a dinner date or a coffee date and the conversation seems like it’s just not going anywhere.

You’ve hit a dating road block and now you’re stuck on “look around and play with your dinner fork” road.

 She’s looking at you – you’re looking at her.  It’s getting awkward.  Fast.

She then looks at you and says “So….”

You’re thinking “so? so, say something..why do I have to do all the talking?”   But what comes out of your mouth is more like “It’s a nice night huh?”  And she pulls out her phone and starts texting her friend.  Game over.  When girls get bored they blame the guy.

Here are a couple “awkward conversation” destroyers:



 The rules of the question game are simple:  Ask each other questions but you have to answer truthfully and you cannot repeat a question e.g. if you ask her a question she can’t ask you the same one.

If at any time you can’t think of something to say: all you have to do is say “hey – lets play the     question game.”   It works well because it gets her engaged in the conversation , and she will also have to think of something to say, which will take some pressure off of you.

Be sure to lead the conversation though.  For example you can say “what’s the craziest thing that you’ve done?”  From here it makes it very easy to escalate into fun, flirty conversation topics.

Tip:  think of some good questions that you could ask her BEFORE you actually meet-up.  You’ll look like a pro.



 The rules of the curiosity game are: you have to ask each other questions that you are genuinely curious about.  She can either pass, lie, or answer truthfully.  Being able to “lie” adds a fun element to the game.

Usually the questions in the curiosity game get a little deeper than those in the question game because you want to ask her something that you really are curious about; you can make the questions a little more personal.


Next time you feel the date start to stall, just break out one of these games.  It should lighten the mood and create a fun, playful vibe.

If not:  then maybe it’s time to move on and start flirting with the waitress 

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