Two of My Favorite Date Ideas

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Unless you are lucky enough to be chosen for the TV show “The Bachelor” then you will probably not be taking women on helicopter rides or be taking them snorkeling with dolphins for first dates.

However, why would you want to!?

You are meeting her for the first time too.  You don’t want to plan an elaborate date and spend a bunch of money to only find out that she looks nothing like her pictures.  And when she said that she was a “model,” what she meant was that her friend had taken some pictures of her one day and put them on facebook.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

You’ve just planned an evening of steak and fine wine because you thought you were meeting Miss American 2012 but you’re really just meeting;  Jill.

There have been many times where I was excited to meet the person that I was talking to online but, then when they show up I have never been more excited to say, “good-bye.”

Here are some low price, low risk, date options that I like:



I love doing an activity like bowling for the first date (especially when it’s the first time meeting her in person)  because it takes a lot of the pressure off.  When you go out for dinner it’s just you two and a salt shaker.  You’re her source of entertainment and she is yours; more often than not there will be some awkward/uncomfortable moments.

When you’re bowling there is much more going on.  She’s not relying on you as much for entertainment. Plus you can playfully tease her about how bad/good she is, give her a high-five for getting a strike, or even sit and talk.  But the difference is when you run out of things to say you simply go knock down some pins and re-group; rather than both of you staring at each other going “sooooooo…..what was your favorite animal again?”

Another great thing about bowling is that it provides a lot of opportunity to escalate quickly i.e. get sexual.

If she scores a spare I might just give her a hug and say “wait until you see what happens when you get a strike.”  Of course she will be curious and say “haha what will happen?”  It turns into a fun, flirty,  little game.  Then when she scores a strike she will get all excited to see what will happen-perfect time to give her a kiss.

SIDENOTE:  Women do WANT you to escalate!! They want you to put the moves on.  They’re not going to make the first move themselves.  She will respect you more and appreciate you more for having a bit of a bad-boy side and just going for it as opposed to trying to wait for the perfect moment. 





I like going on sushi dates when It’s not a blind date.  If I have already met her out at a bar for example, then I know that there is chemistry already.  I know that I like her and that she likes me, so It’s OK to romance her and build a deeper connection.  I don’t feel as uncomfortable just sitting there and talking.  In addition, sushi restaurants tend to have nice, romantic environments.

SIDENOTE:  One of my favorite things to do on dinner/sushi dates is play the question game. 

The rules of the question game are simple and go like this:

You each ask a question but the same question cannot be repeated.

While you’re talking to her just say “hey, let’s play the question game.” Then I might say “what’s something really wild that you’ve done?”  She can’t ask me the same question-it has to be different.  This is a simple but effective game that keeps the conversation going.

Here are a few other runner-up date options that I like:

-salsa dance lesson

-ice skating

-cooking class

-comedy show

What are some of your favorite date ideas?



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