The “Sneaky” Way That Girls Approach YOU At The Club

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It’s Friday night. You put on your best shirt, your most stylish pants, and your fanciest shoes.

You’re now ready to hit the club and meet some women.


You pull up to the club around 11pm. The bouncer checks your ID and you’re good to go.

You and your buddy walk up to the bar and grab a couple of drinks.

A few minutes later you head to the club “waiting room.” You know? That little imaginary line that surrounds the dance floor – this is where a lot of guys like to stand and wait, until something good happens.

They think: “Here I am putting out the sexy vibe – It’s only a matter of time before a cute girl comes over to talk to me.”

But It never happens.

(There are a few rare occasions when a girl WILL approach, but it is rare. And the girls that do approach, always seem to be a little weird and/or intoxicated)

Then before you know it the night is over. You didn’t talk to ONE girl.  You might get the feeling that not one girl in the entire club was attracted to you (I’ve had that feeling before and it’s definitely not fun).

But don’t get too disappointed – more girls may have been attracted to you than you think.

There is an “Sneaky”  invisible way that a girl will show you that’s shes interested. You simply need to pay attention so that you don’t miss it.

Here is what girls will do: If she is attracted to you, she will seem to stand next to you, or be close to you for no real reason (this is sometimes referred to as proximity). This has happened to me many, many times.

I will be out at a club, either on the dance floor or just talking to one of my friends. And we will notice the same group of girls standing next to us.  We might go to the bar – and there is the group of girls.   Then we will go onto the dance floor – and there they are again. This is what girls will do.

Instead of actually starting a conversation with you, they will stand next to you and give you every opportunity to talk to them, But YOU still must start the conversation.

The good thing is that; once you do recognize that they are interested, starting a conversation is easy. Simply say – “Hi, what’s your name?”

I was out at a club one night with my friend. We were sitting next to the bar which was about 10-15 feet from the dance floor. A few minutes later we noticed a group of 4 girls dancing in front of us for no reason (the normal spot to dance would be on the dance floor – not right in front of us by the bar).  Because we both know about proximity, we immediately realized that they were dancing in front of us to get our attention. We were right.

After eventually dancing with them and talking to them – a couple of the girls said that they had noticed us and we’re waiting for us to talk to them. Most guys will miss these signals.

So if you’re out one night and you notice the same girl, or the same group of girls standing next to you over and over without a real reason – start talking to them. There is a really good chance that they noticed you and that they WANT to talk to you.

It’s OK to stand in the “waiting” room area when you first get to the club. But just be sure to pay attention to any girls that seem to be “waiting” next to you. Those are the girls that you need to talk to because they’re already interested.

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    I had no idea this was a real thing. I noticed once that these girls stood by me and my friends. I had no idea they took interest in us. Next time I will for sure make conversation.

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