9 Text Flirting Tips That You Can Use Tonight (#3 Is My Favorite)

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A lot of guys and even many dating “gurus” think that texting should be short and simple. They think that the only reason to text a girl is to get her to meetup. And that it is not possible to actually build attraction via texting. Well that type of thinking is completely wrong.

With the right texting “formula” is is quite easy to build attraction with a girl through texting and also get her excited to see you.

Here are 9 simple ways for you to get a girl excited to see you via text.

Give her a nickname!

Yes, this is said with emphasis because this is one of the best and easiest ways to build attraction. It works amazing. Why? Because the nickname that you give her will be completely unique to your relationship. It’s like a little inside joke that only the two of you know, and this is very powerful for creating a sense of connection with her.


It is also very playful and flirty. Simply pick out something unique that she’s wearing e.g. big sunglasses, fluffy boots, big loop earrings, etc. Or notice something about her personality. Does she seem bossy, nerdy, overly-friendly, etc. Then give her a cute nickname that you can refer to in a text.

You can say, “hey whats up fluffy boots?” Or “hey miss sassy.” Keep it simple and have fun.

Be vague

What this means is; don’t tell her the entire story. Let her wonder about you. For example you might say, “wow is it windy out, the waves are knocking me all over the place.” You would probably be thinking, what am I doing…right? This is exactly what you want. You want her to invest in you by asking questions. Then when she says, “what are you doing?” You can playfully tease her by saying, “It’s a secret :p”

Tip: It is important to use emoticons (like the one above) in order to emphasize that I am joking around. Another good emoticon to use is the 😉 I call it the “wink” face.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the above story would be me on a boat with the waves knocking me around. It is much better to be a little vague then to be like, “hey I’m on a boat, what are you up to?”

Use the point system

Here is another amazing weapon of seduction, the point system. When you’re texting a girl, simply “reward” her with points. Say for example if you like girls that dance, and she says that she loves to dance you would say, “you dance? You’re already up to 10 points in my book.” Watch her then try to get more points (happens all the time). She might be like, “how do I get to 100 points?” You now have the power and she is chasing you, trying to win you over.


This is where you will seemingly real her in and then let her go again. It works like this: Let her know that you are attracted to her or that she is starting to win you over, and then take it back. Example would be, “We have a good connection via text, imagine how we will be in person. I’m still not completely sure though. You must have a couple weird habits that you haven’t told me about.”

See how this sort of pulls her closer but it still doesn’t show that you’re being needy or desperate? This is what you want.


Using the above example, you can then tease her. Ask her, “Okay what are three strange habits that you have?” Or “If we get together, do you have any strange habits that I should know about ;)”

A great way to flirt via text is to ask questions like those. They will not only set-up the date but it will take a little of the nervous edge off when you meet, because it creates a playful vibe between the two of you. But ALWAYS be sure to use emoticons. Use wink faces and the “tongue” sticking out face It is important that she knows that you are joking with her and being playful. Tongue sticking out face = :p

Cute first texts

Sending a silly/cute first text is a great way to start the conversation off playful and fun. You do not want to say, “whats up.” DO NOT TEXT HER THAT. Instead say something like, “I just honked at an old lady driving a civic, do you think I’m going to hell?” Or, “have you ever heard of a laundry coach? Because I just shrunk another shirt. It seriously looks like I shop at baby gap now.”

I literally just made these examples up as I am writing this – so you see that it is not too complicated. Just text her something silly that you’ve done or ask a silly question for a first text.

Adventure (part of my four sexual power words report)Download Here  

Here is your mission: Are you ready? I want you to start bringing up the word Adventure when you’re texting girls. Why? Because this will allow her to be at ease. You want her to feel like she can be adventurous. You DON’T want her to feel shy and timid.

So when you start talking about adventure and you give her points for being adventurous, she will be much more open with you.   You can say something like, “I’m going on a little adventure when I get out of work.” Then she will start to ask you about it.

Note: It doesn’t matter what your adventure is. You can just be like, “I’m going to Walmart, that place is always an adventure.” The point is to just start talking about something adventurous so that you can ask her, “what’s something adventurous that you’ve done?”  


Leave an Open Loop  

One of my favorite lines is, “You know what I like about you…you’re a good texter, you’re smart, and the other one I can’t tell you yet.” This will drive her crazy! In a good way. She will HAVE to know what else you like about her. I like to then say, “okay, I will tell you when we meet..deal?” This creates a flirty text back and forth because you will know something that she desperately wants to know. It works awesome. Which brings us to the last tip…  


Be detailed and bold  

Okay, so what does this mean? It means that when you set up a date, you want to show her that you’re a man in charge. And that you are a man with a plan. You can make it flirty by being as specific as possible. For example, I like to say, “Okay here is the plan: a little sushi at 7:05, then bowling at 8:20, and then we’ll go dancing for 9:15 sharp. Movie and cuddling after is optional.”   See how this is very specific and planned out. Women LOVE this stuff. It will also make her laugh a little, while at the same time it will get her excited.   


Those are 9 flirting tips to try out right now.     




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