5 Rules of the Texting Man

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5 Rules of the Texting Man

Make it Interesting…

● Most of the time the conversation will start off boring

● You will get stuck in boring small talk if you do not do something to get out

● You’ll get stuck in ‘question’ mode

● Logical conversation’s do not last long

How to make it interesting…

● Expand on something cool/interesting that YOU are doing (no one word answers)

● Elaborate or tell a story about something that happened to you today ===>

● ROLE PLAY or talk about a ‘hypothetical situation’ very powerful and makes conversations fun! See Example

● Talking about a hypothetical ‘road trip’ doing this is better than logical

Build tension is a non- creepy way …

● Let her know that you’re a cool/good guy

● Be smooth, not overly sexual

● In the example text I say, “you might have to trade a secret” This builds a little tension in a good way. it is playful and flirty

● Never come on too strong unless you’ve been talking for a while

Continue to Escalate the interaction…

● Flirt and continue to build tension

● Words like ‘cuddling’ ‘massage’ they are good to use. Not overly sexual

● Be playful

Give her space…

● There is no need to over text

● If she doesn’t respond back soon, it is OK. Do not ask why she isn’t responding back. Be non-reactive

● if it takes her 2 hours to text back, wait at least an hour before you respond back

● Space = Attraction

Set up the date…

● Plan is to set-up a date

● Usually when meeting someone through a dating app and texting – you have to meet within a week or it fizzles out. Her: “what do you do?” Me: “that’s classified, I can only tell you over sushi”

Always have a plan…

● Be the man with the plan

● Never ask, “what do you want to do?” before presenting options.

● Have a plan for the date. An activity, dinner, bowling, salsa dance, coffee, hiking, climbing, etc. etc.

● Suggest to her an idea, a time, and a day. Trust me, she will appreciate it.

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