Three Real Online Dating Conversations

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Here are three recent online dating conversations:  all ending in dates.


1)    preface:  I commented on a picture of her putting her hand on her hip (I call that the power stance).  Then we were talking about bowling. 


ME:  Oh I like the last one, I call that the power stance. That’s what you’re going to have to do to intimidate the competition  I think last time I went bowling I got a 170 so ya, hop on my back and we’ll ride the hot hand.


HER: I just use that stance while the other team is up to make them nervous and throw them off their game. I think we’re a good team.


ME: I think we’re going to be amazing. There will be so much chemistry and team work we probably don’t even need to go on a date we can just get right to the fun part, The celebratory wine and cuddling.


HER: So basically, we won the bowling match already and we didn’t even have to play. So yeah I think we’ve earned the right to move on to booze and cuddling. You can have wine.. I’ll have beer or a mixed drink. I gave it an honest effort to try to like wine but I don’t.


ME: oh even better, I was just trying to be romantic. ill get the beer you pick the movie.


HER: I can handle that. Screw wine.. don’t try to impress me that fancy crap


ME: I forgot, you are the power stance master. You need beer and a rough deep tissue massage, none of that gentle stuff. OK so when are you free and whats your number?


HER: 774 266 0—.. I think this weekend is going to be pretty hectic but maybe next week sometime?




2) ME: tell me-whats it going to take?


HER: LOL. What a sweet, well written, thoughtful profile you have. Well it’s going to take a mix of appeal, consistency, interest, good humor, kindness, flexibility, ambition, and chivalry for starters. LOL, Hi my name is Lisa, and you are?


ME:..for you to love me? I can do all that. Plus I can cook. How about you cancel all of your plans for later.


HER: LOL… you are one confident man… I like confidence, but can’t cancel my plans. Your welcome to text me after I find out your name first of course lol


ME: my names Andy 


HER: Ok, Andy very nice to meet you… Looking forward to speaking soon… 413-627-3xxx — Lisa


Notes:   ”tell me-whats it going to take?”  Is my new favorite online opener i.e. first email.  Then when she responds say “for you to love me.”  I have been getting amazing results with this. Try it out. 


3)  preface:  my headline says “if you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain.”  Those are lyrics from a song.  She sent me an email first; finishing the song lyric.


HER:  If you like Piña coladas and getting caught in the rain ….hi, how are you doing? I liked reading your profile. Kiteboarding looks so fun, I’ve never tried it but I love watching it.

Hope we can chat more 




ME:  Hi Jackie,


you’re the first one to get that song…I like you already  Now I feel like we need to find a top 40′s bar and go dancing.


How’s your day going?




HER: Hi Andy!

Really? nobody else knows buffet on here??! Haha I couldn’t use the verse that actually comes after your headline. Would’ve been a bit inappropriate for a hello  I’m always up for dancing!!!!

My day was good. I had today off. I visited my niece and nephews then went to the mall with my mother. It was a family filled day  how about you? Where in Boston do you live? I live in the back bay/Newbury St area.





ME: ha I just had to listen to the song,,,”if you like makin love at midnight, on the dunes of the cape” What a very direct and specific hello that would have been.


I’m actually taking a hip hop dance lesson tomorrow, so if you want to learn how to dougie-i’ll give a free lesson, I like havanna club in Cambridge for salsa too. Whats your dancing style?



HER: Yes that would’ve been a little much to start out with that 

My dance style is white girl dancing. haha!!! that’s great that you’re taking lessons. So you must really like to dance?!! I do too but I don’t have a style. My rhythm is ok. I’ve never been to Havanna club. Salsa dancing sounds so fun!



ME: I like to do a lot of different, random activities. OK, I think we’re going to have to go-as long as you don’t mind being dipped over and spun around 


HER: Lets do this !!!!


ME: what’s your number-and what’s your schedule like?


HER: This weekend is pretty busy. Do you ever go during the week? Haha!!! Texting is much easier. I’m at my sister’s and I’m sneaking pof on my iPad  617-543-7xxx


Start being more aggressive online.  Don’t email forever.  Ask for her number and set up a date.  

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