More Online Dates in Five E-mails or Less

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When it comes to online dating; all the same rules that apply in “real life” apply online.  A lot of guys think that they have to spend days sending endless emails in order to build attraction.  The truth is that you should be asking for her phone number somewhere around five emails.

Two of the biggest attraction switches in women are; confidence and leadership.  It is important to portray these traits offline but equally as important online.  Moreover, most guys are horrible when it comes to online dating, so just showing a hint of confidence can set you apart from everyone else.

So how do you show confidence online?  Here are some example conversations that I just had online before writing this post.


Conversation 1
ME:   so tell me-whats it going to take?
HER: so far so good..I like straight forward people. but your question is too ambiguous to answer 
ME: …for you to love me?
HER: haha so far im a fan.
NOTE:  I have sent that exact same email to about 20 different women online.  I have never had a better open/response rate.  Try it out.
Conversation 2
ME: lets go on an adventure.
HER: haha… what kind of adventure?
ME:  one that we’ll look back on in 5yrs and be, now that was an adventure. It will involve lust, a challenge, and team work.
This is another opening email that I send a lot: “let’s go on an adventure.” 
Notice how I am not sending email after email. I am being very direct and asking them out.  Make sure that you get a decent picture-not a photo taken in the mirror or a photo with your shirt off-women hate this.  Also write a good profile.  If you’re not a good writer have someone write your it for you.
Women don’t want to email back and forth forever. They just want to be confident that you will make her feel comfortable.  If you have a decent photo and profile-that will do most of the work for you.
Conversation 3
ME:  tell me-what’s it going to take?
HER:  ?
ME:  …for you to love me?
HER:  Hahaha what’s the fun if I have to tell you?
ME: think of how much more fun it would be if i knew
HER:  Ok haha be yourself!
ME: ha wow-done. that was it? why didn’t you tell me the secret before-look at all the time we wasted. Cancel all of your plans for later.
HER:  Haha do you already love me?
ME: before I answer that-can you dance?
HER: What kind of dance? I can dance my but off haha
HER: butt*
ME: then to answer your first question: yes.
Conversation 4
ME: tell me-what’s it going to take?
HER:  LOL. What a sweet, well written, thoughtful profile you have. Well it’s going to take a mix of appeal, consistency, interest, good humor, kindness, flexibility, ambition, and chivalry for starters. LOL, Hi my name is Lisa, and you are?
ME: ..for you to love me? I can do all that. Plus I can cook. How about you cancel all of your plans for later.
HER:  LOL… you are one confident man… I like confidence, but can’t cancel my plans. Your welcome to text me after I find out your name first of course lol
ME: my names Andy
HER:  Ok, Andy very nice to meet you… Looking forward to speaking soon… 413-627-xxxx — Lisa

Those are four conversations that I had today. The last girl that I talked to is probably the most attractive girl that I have ever talked to online.  That is the exact email exchange from opening email to phone number.

The key is to show confidence and leadership.  You’re in charge. If she goes out with you she is going to have a good time.  This is the mindset that you want:  keep telling yourself that you’re awesome until you believe it!

I am awesome!
I am awesome!
I am awesome!

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