How To Tell If Your Co-Worker Is Attracted To You

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You see her everyday… 

  Maybe it’s at the coffee shop, or shes a co-worker, or she works at the gym that you go to.  

  Either way, it can be extremely frustrating if you want to ask her out,  or if you would like to know if she is actually interested in you so that you can move on with your life if she isn’t.  

But how do you figure out if she IS interested without it being awkward?  

  You wouldn’t mind so much at a club if it got awkward because you’ll never have to see her again.  But if she is a co-worker, you don’t want everyday to be weird and uncomfortable because you asked her out and she said no.  

  But before I answer the above question, I’ll share an embarrassing story of mine with you.  This is BEFORE I knew what to do and I made it really awkward 😉

My Very Embarrassing Story

  A few years ago (before I used direct deposit) I would go into the bank every Friday to cash my check.  This was way before I knew ANYTHING about women, attraction, or what to say.  There was this cute girl that worked as a teller at my bank.  

  So on Fridays I would stroll into the bank with my check ready to cash it.  I would wait in line and HOPE that she would be the one to call on me, so at least I could talk to her for a minute or two.

“Hi how are you?”  “How is your day going?”  “Any plans for the weekend?”  

  We would talk for a few seconds and then I would be off.  I wouldn’t see her again until next week.  

  But I really wanted to come up with some type of awesome plan that would let her know that I was interested and to see if she wanted to go out with me.

The Secret Note  

  So I thought about it and eventually came up with my plan.  When the next Friday came around, I walked into the bank ready to make my move.  I waited in line until the cute girl that I liked called on me, “Hi, can I help you?”

  I walked over to her, cashed my check, engaged in a little small talk and THEN I did it.  I pulled out a note and handed it to her…I think it said something like – “I think you’re cute here is my number.”  

It doesn’t really matter what I said – all I know is that it was AWFUL.  

  I handed a NOTE to a BANK TELLER!  A random, folded up note on a piecephone number of paper.  I’m lucky that the police didn’t come over and say “son, you can’t hand a note to a bank teller, we’ll think that you might be robbing the place.” I’m glad that didn’t happen.

  I never did hear from her (what a surprise) And I don’t think that I ever went back to that bank either.  It would have been really awkward seeing her again if I had.  

  I saw a cute girl at the bank that I liked and wanted to talk to her.  But I ruined it by handing her a note, at the bank (probably the worst place ever to hand someone a note). 

What Should I Have Done Differently? 

  Now that I have moved on from my horrible dating past, have studied psychology and applied it to my dating life.  I know what I could have done differently.  

  If there is a girl that you like (teller, co-worker, cashier, etc) All that you have to do is mention to her something that YOU are doing.  For example; with the bank teller I should have said – “Any plans for the weekend? I’m checking out this new jazz club on main street, it’s going to be awesome.”   

  NOW, listen to her response.  If it is at all positive – “Oh really I love Jazz.”  “Oh that sounds fun, I’ve never been.” 

  When she responds in this way, you know that she is INTERESTED.  She is just waiting for you to say “Why don’t you come with me?”

  Or I could have said to the teller – “how is you day going?  I’m excited because I’m going bowling later and I haven’t been in forever.”

Her:  “Oh nice, I’m actually pretty decent at bowling.”

Guy: “Well I’ll invite you as long as you promise not to kick my ass”

Her:  “Ha okay” 

  Once you mention to her something that you are doing – it not only allows her to show interest, it also shows her that you are a cool guy.  That you have things going on in your life.  

  One of the BIGGEST problems guys have when it comes to meeting women – is that guys act WAY to needy and desperate.  By doing interesting things and having an active life, you will seem a lot less needy because you will be keeping yourself occupied.  You won’t just be “waiting” around for her.    

Let me know if you’ve had any awkward situation like mine, in the comments section below.

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  1. Dave
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    I have a similar story to yours. It happened in high school. I had this massive crush on this girl which seemed like forever. I decided to ask her out, but instead of talking to her, I wrote her a letter. I was to scared to put the letter in her locker, so I had a friend do it. I didn’t hear from her for a while because she was home sick the whole week, but she actually wrote a letter back. It was kind of her to do, saying she’s with someone, and that we can be friends, etc, etc. She told people though, and people kind of toyed with me, it wasn’t bad though so I was thankful it blew over very quickly.

    Anyways it was one of the first time I ever tried to ask a girl out. Could have been better, but with my social anxiety at the time, I was far too scared to bother with it. Also, another friend told me she wanted to talk one day, but I was far too afraid to do it, this was before she wrote the letter. But yeah, was awful on my end as well.

    Thanks for sharing your embarrassing story.

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