Approaching Girls with Confidence

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Approaching girls is all about your mindset.

This is what I can tell you with absolute certainty:  nothing bad is going to happen to you if you approach her and not every girl is going to like you.  You have to be willing to set aside your pride and your ego.  If she does like you that’s awesome,  but if she doesn’t; that’s fine too.

The only thing that she can reject is your approach.  She can NEVER reject YOU because she doesn’t know you.  If you approach her in a non creepy way than the rest is up to her.  You can never completely understand what she is thinking; so don’t even try.

Just make a confident approach and control what YOU can control.

Make sure you portray confident body language:

  • Don’t talk to fast.  Stay relaxed and speak slowly.
  • Keep your shoulders back and stand up straight.
  • Once you commit – go for it.  Don’t hover around her without making a move (she will notice).
  • Stand a little to the side of her at first and not directly in front of her; it is less intimidating.

There are no magic tricks or secrets to making an approach.  You simply have to understand that it might not work out and you have to be OK with that.  The more approaches that you do the more confidence you will gain.

Don’t let your pride get in the way and prevent you from taking a chance.  Don’t think “what if I go talk to her and she doesn’t like me?”  “What if she thinks I’m weird?”

She might think you’re weird but consider this: she also might think that you are the coolest guy ever.  She will be happy that you actually took a chance and aren’t letting your pride hold you back like other guys are.  And once you do find a girl that you vibe with; all of the other girls that “rejected” you won’t matter at all.

Don’t waste time thinking of the perfect way to approach her or if she’s going to like you.  There is no perfect way and there is no perfect approach.  All that you can do is take action.

Women don’t do approaches so the only way that she is going to meet you is if you approach her.  She’s waiting for you.  Don’t let her down. 

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