17 Texts You Should NOT Be Sending To Girls…And 3 That You Should

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let’s face it. Texting a girl for the first time can be rather difficult. So, basically you have two options; you can either look at her profile and think of something to say, or you can look at her pictures.

If you’ve used tinder at all then you have probably noticed that most girls profiles are as exciting as paint drying on a Tuesday afternoon. They will all pretty much say something like, “I like to play tennis, I like some movies but not all, and sometimes I like to go out but sometimes I like to stay in.”

Most profiles are similar to this and as you can see, there is not much to work with.

But as we all know; if you don’t send something funny and/or witty in the first message, she most likely won’t text you back.

Although I haven’t discovered the ‘perfect’ text to send a girl, I have discovered 17 texts that definitely won’t get her to respond back.

Here they are…

                         1.  “What’s up?”

This could possibly be the most popular text of all time that doesn’t work. Why? Because it puts all of the pressure on her to come up with a response. And it does nothing to show her that you’re a cool, interesting guy.

                                         2.  “You’re hot.”

She’s heard this a thousand times. Send this text and you’re automatically placed into the friend zone. Or the, “group of guys that prop up my ego” zone.

                                         3.  “Hey Shawtay”

There are probably many ways to spell this, but you get the point. Either way is not a turn on.


                        4.  “Where do you want to go?”

As the guy, you should be leading. Women will find you more attractive if you suggest ideas or better yet say, “It will be a surprise, just wear something comfortable.”

                        5.  “I really, really like you.

You shouldn’t be showing your hand to soon. If you show too much interest right away, she will lose interest. It’s a strange thing, but that’s how it works.

                        6.  “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Be the leader and have a plan. Have an idea of what you want to do, then make a suggestion. Don’t force her to make a decision.

                        7.  “Did you have fun tonight?”

This text says to her that you are seeking validation. That you are worried if she had fun or not. It may seem like a “nice” thing to do, but it screams neediness. And nothing turns a girl off faster than a needy guy.

                        8.  “Can I see you later?

Here is another needy text to send. It will crush all attraction towards you. If you play the game right, she should be sending this text to YOU.

                        9.  “Why haven’t you texted me back?”

Remember, you’re the prize. Women are chasing YOU and not the other way around. If you want to get women chasing you then I recommend Unlock Her Legs… ====>

                       10.  “Whatever, you’re a bitch”

Any text where you’re getting mad at a girl, you should not send. Don’t get mad at girls for not texting you back. This simply means that you have things to work on or just go find another girl. And remember, who ever reacts the least, holds the most power. If you get upset, clearly she holds the power.

                       11.  “It’s been three weeks and I haven’t heard from you.”

Guys tend to do this all the time. They will get fixated on one girl and try desperately to get her to like him, even when shes not responding back. Again, if you do really want to try and get one girl, the program that I recommend is “here ==>”

                       12.  “When am I going to see you again?”

This just makes me cringe reading it. But I’m pretty sure that I’ve sent girls this text before. It’s embarrassing. Create a lifestyle that she wants to be a part of. She will be asking you, “when am I going to see you?”

                       13.  “Hi”

This text does nothing to engage her on an emotional level. It’s not interesting. At all.

                       14.  “What up girl.”

Does this even need an explanation? Don’t call her girl, or baby, or hun, unless you’re dating.

                       15.  “How are you doing?”

This is similar to the, “whats up text.” It is very boring, generic, and safe. You need to be a little more edgy and original to get her to respond back.

                       16.  “Mirror Picture”

Never send a girl a “selfie” picture of you in front of the mirror. No matter how good a guy looks, girls hate this (period).

                       17.  “Please respond back if you’ve got this message.”

Needy. Needy. Needy.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of that way. Let’s talk about a few texts that do work.


1)  “I like that you’re adventurous. You get 10 points.”


This text works great. Women like to be thought of as fun and adventurous, plus you want her to feel like being adventurous. You don’t want her feeling shy and timid. The reward system is also an awesome way to get her to work for your attraction. I have had many girls say, “What do I need to do to get 100 points?” Play around with the point system and let me know how it’s working for you.


2) “You wouldn’t believe what happened, you’re going to have to sign a waiver before I tell you though.”

This creates intrigue and peaks her curiosity. She will want to know what happened and she will also think that you’re a cool guy that is living this wild life. Now, don’t worry. The “amazing” thing can be something simple. I could say, “I went to a salsa dance and the instructor brought me up on stage, it was crazy.” Just get excited about something no matter how big or small.


 3)  “Grab a compass, a leopard print scarf, and your best dance shoes. It’s party time.”


This provides intrigue and excitement. She will want to know what’s going on and why she needs these things. If she is curious. She will be excited.

So, I basically just made the last two text messages up as I was writing this. But I KNOW that they would work in a second. Why? Because they follow a formula. It’s not really about knowing word-for-word texts, it’s about understanding a “formula” that turns women on. And once you know the formula, you’ll be unstoppable.



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  1. Dave
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    When I talk to women on the web, I tend to not act like an idiot and post odd texts, messages, etc. I just be myself, talk and see where it goes, if the woman happens to not be interested, she just wont reply and I’ll figure that out pretty quickly.

  2. JJ
    | Reply

    All great things to say. I am one to normally just say hey, want to do something tonight? I don’t go full out. I believe the quicker you make the conversation go, the faster we can go out to a bar or a club and enjoy our time with each other.

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