1 Weird Trick To Attract More Women

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When you see an attractive girl that you want to talk to and get to know, what’s the first thing that you usually do off of instinct? Ask her questions, right?

As guys we will ask her questions like:  Where are you from? What do you do for fun? Do you have any siblings? And so on.

We might do this for a good 10-15 minutes before she starts looking around the room or wondering who else she can talk to. Why? Because asking questions is boring. Women don’t want to talk about facts, they want to talk about experiences that involve emotions.

For women, it’s all about emotions. They need to “feel” something when you’re talking to them. And by asking her questions, you are forcing her to carry the conversation.  If you approach her and want to get to know her, then be prepared to carry the conversation for the first few minutes.

But don’t worry, I have discovered an easy trick that will help you do this.

This trick will help you when you get struck in your head and can’t think of anything to say. It will also help you when you’re making the approach and you don’t know what to talk about.

So what you need to do right now to make this work is brainstorm. Brainstorm about any adventures that you have had or been on, big or small it doesn’t matter.  Just think of an adventure. It could be that you went skydiving last week or it could adventurealso be that you ran out of quarters when you were doing laundry, and that you had to go pan-handle for a few minutes to get extra change.

Whatever your adventure story is, think of it and remember it. Because It’s going to help you get dates.

Next time that you talk to a girl, or approach a girl – instead of asking her questions. First, tell her your story.

This will do a few things…

  • It will show that you are a cool guy with an interesting lifestyle
  • It will introduce emotion and “feeling” into the conversation (which women love)

  • You won’t look like you’re trying to “pick-her-up” you are simply sharing a story

  • It will allow her to talk about experiences that she’s had and tell her own stories

All that you have to do from here is transition into your story by using a transition such as…

  • “you remind me of…”

  • “this reminds me of…”

  • “you seem like an adventurous person…”

 Here is how it sounds in real life:

 Guy: I saw you standing there and I had to at least come say hi. I guess I am a guy that likes to take risks. I actually 

went indoor skydiving for the first time last week….(tell your story)

Guy: Hi, your boots remind me of the country, I actually took a cross country road trip last summer to Las Vegas…(tell your story)

Guy: You have a really cool fashion sense,  I was actually getting my shirt cleaned the other day when I realized that I was  out of quarters…so guess what I had to do? I had to go pan-handle… (tell your story)

You want to talk more and tell more stories rather than ask her questions. Now she will open up and tell one of her “adventure” stories and eventually you can say something like “what’s one of the craziest things that you’ve ever done?” Questions like this will only lead to more exciting, memorable conversations.

 She will remember you over the boring guy that simply asks, “So, where are you from?”

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  1. Kyle H.
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    This was great! Thank you so much! Anyways what if I really don’t have any big time adventure stories, even small? What if my adventures tend to be more on the boring side than anything else? I’ll give it a try though, I can probably figure out something funny to say.

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