Should You Learn PUA Routines

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I see a lot of different opinions about PUA routines and also a lot of really awful dating advice like-”just be yourself.”  Well, if just being yourself was enough then you wouldn’t have any questions about dating.  You wouldn’t be standing there holding your drink thinking “what the hell do I say to that girl over there?”  “Why won’t this girl return my txt’s?”  After all, I was just being myself and wanted to talk about how I like to go to the gym and lift thing up and put them down-why wasn’t she turned on?


 I can’t believe that there are actually dating coached and “pro wingmen” that are teaching this.

It sounds so wonderful-”just be yourself.”  I was just being myself for a long time.  And for me that meant that I was being really really needy and scared away a lot of girls until I learned how to talk to them.   I have seen lots of guys talk to girls-they almost immediately go into interview mode:

so where are you from?”

what do you like to do?”

etc . etc.


How many of these questions will she answer before some guy comes along with some awesome, funny lines?  Not very.  Do you want to just be yourself or do you want to get her number?   Now don’t get me wrong-eventually you will understand what women like and how to create attraction and emotion, therefore you won’t need routines,  but this is something that you’ll have to learn.


Look at it like this:  if someone said to go up on stage and tell some jokes-would you just make up some jokes right there on the spot?  No, you would probably try to think of some jokes that you have head before that you know people will laugh at.  Its the same thing with women-learn what they respond to and what works.  I guarantee once you use a tried and true PUA line and get an awesome response you’ll be like “wow, I need to learn more!”


One of my favorite routines to use that helped me a lot was the “best friends” routine.  I would say “are you guys best friends? I can tell by the way that you keep looking at each other.”  The girls always start to look at each other and smile.


The key to this routines is that it engages both of them in conversation. When you’re talking to two girls at the same time it is important to get them both interested.  Then from here I improvise and say something like “so which one of you is the wild one that I need to watch out for?”  Now do you think your average guy would say something like that? No.

So the short answer is-hell yes use PUA routines! Use them and study them.

Learn why they work and why women respond to them.  

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  1. Chris Harders
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    Hi Mike. I’m very familiar with the Pick Up Artist community and the idea of routines. I agree, the idea of having something more exciting than the basic conversation starters is HUGE.

    Do you ever find routines limiting though? Because 1) the material is not your own, and 2) there is a possibility of running out of things to say?

    Have you considered the “natural game” alternative?

  2. Mike Wynn
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    Hey Chris,
    I use routines if I get stuck. For example: If I am talking to two girls and it’s starting to stall out a bit I will say “Are you guys best friends? (they look at each other) You are, I can tell by the way that you just looked at each other.”

    i use this because I know that it works. I know exactly what they will say and where the conversation will go from here because I have done it a bunch of times.

    There is no real “natural game.” Everyone that I have ever seen, at some point repeats something that they have said before. It would be a waste not to use something that you know works.

    The best thing is to understand a routine and why it works – once you understand the concept of why women react to it the way that they do – then you can make it your own. I don’t memorize and use routines word-for-word; I understand the concept and make it my own. I’ll use a couple routines that I like and the rest is just off the top of my head in the moment.

    A comedian can be funny just improving back and forth with someone – but if you told him – “get up on stage and make them laugh.” He wouldn’t improvise when it counted – he would use a joke that he has used before because he knows that it works. It gets the results that he wants.

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